KOBE GATSBY - @kobegatsby

Tiger has the vision and the work ethic to create exactly what you need. I appreciate him for helping me get the video content I needed.

Owen Cyclops - @westernidentity
My name is Owen Cyclops, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. Tiger recently made a short video for me as a commercial / promotional video for my store where I sell art and various physical items like t-shirts and prints. The final product turned out great, far beyond what I would have expected. It was well received and the response was very positive - something of note as the platform I posted this video on can often have fickle or extreme reactions to people promoting themselves. People thought it was very cool, and it also drove a good amount of traffic to my site and got me some actual sales, in this sense it really couldn't have been better or more effective.

What I really enjoyed about working with Tiger is that I can tell he has an intuitive sense of what will read well on video. As an illustrator who is always working with clients, I like to think I have a sense of what will and what will not work in a two dimensional image. Tiger has this same sense for his own medium - for example, I would have been skeptical that I could incorporate some of my drawings into a live action style video, but the way it was done was perfect and the final result was great. How it was edited, how the actual art was incorporated, the music, everything was perfect. If I have to do something else in the future with video I'll absolutely use him again with 100% confidence.

Cole Higgins - @Cole_A_Higgins

Tiger is a rising star with a vicious intuitive creativity. He has a great understanding of filmmaking and storytelling and has impressed me with his desire to learn the craft. I have no doubt tiger will make great art and film throughout his career.


Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes - @AJA_Cortes

When I hired Tiger, I was looking for someone who was passionate about video and also, knew what they were doing. Tiger is very much both of those things. Video was a new market for me and I had no idea how to best optimize my use of it. Tiger has a zeal and a very deep dedication to the process of filmmaking. He was also able to come up with ideas that I couldn't have thought of myself. 

He's very easy to work with and very easy to get along with. Also, he is NOTORIOUS at following up (which I am g*d-awful at). He follows up with me all the time and snaps me out of my own laziness. 

What impressed me most about Tiger is for his young age, he has been doing films ever since his early teens.

Working with him has been an awesome experience, he's made me money. Hire Tiger.